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Design and Simulation of a High Frequency Exactly Solvable Chaotic Oscillator




Beal, Aubrey

Type of Degree



Electrical Engineering


It has been shown that the performance of communication systems based on low dimensional chaotic systems with exact analytic solutions containing a single fixed basis function may exhibit performance comparable to that of nonchaotic systems. Previously, novel low frequency (LF) oscillators exhibiting solvable, chaotic behavior have been proposed, although the generation of low frequency signals has limited applicability in the field of communications. These limitations motivate the development of similarly solvable, chaotic oscillators that operate in high frequency (HF) bands (>1MHz). The design and simulation of a HF exactly solvable chaotic oscillator has been submitted. The behavior of this oscillator, although chaotic, is solvable, giving rise to encoding or encryption applications. This oscillator may be encoded by means of small perturbation control known as Hayes type chaos communications. Furthermore, it has been shown that symbolic information encoded with oscillators of this topology may be extracted accurately and elegantly through means of matched filter decoding.