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Evaluation of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Services for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease




Wittayanukorn, Saranrat

Type of Degree



Pharmacy Care Systems


Background: Medication therapy management (MTM) services are utilized to manage cardiovascular diseases. Objectives: To 1.) compare economic outcomes between patients who received and those who did not receive MTM services and 2.) compare clinical outcomes before and after receiving MTM services from the self-insured employer perspective. Methods: Retrospective designs: 1.) a cohort with comparison groups 2.) a pre-post cohort study Results: MTM group had a statistically significant decrease in pharmacy and medical expenditures per patient compared with non-MTM group. MTM services provided cost-saving of $359.30 per patient and the return on investment of 1.67. No statistical differences were observed in clinical outcomes; however, the study demonstrated clinical significance by generating improvements in the proportion of patients at treatment goal and in the stages of hypertension and body mass index. Conclusions: MTM services statistically reduced pharmacy and medical expenditures compared with the non-MTM group and demonstrated clinical significances in terms of achieving goals and improving disease stages.