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Microcontroller-Based Current-Mode Control for Power Converters




He, Dake

Type of Degree



Electrical and Computer Engineering


Presented in this dissertation is the implementation of microcontroller-based digital current-mode control (CMC) switch-mode power converters. A hybrid control method is proposed. By using on-board analog peripherals on the microcontroller, the current loop can be designed using analog components. A pure digital controller can be implemented in the voltage loop. Using this method, several microcontroller-based CMC systems have been constructed experimentally at relatively low cost. Implementation issues for microcontroller-based digital controllers for CMC converters were discussed. These issues include system modeling, required functionalities of a microcontroller, main design procedures, and A/D conversion and time delay, as well as some considerations in hardware and software implementation. This dissertation also presents fuzzy logic realizations for CMC power converters. By using lookup tables and other techniques, the fuzzy logic controllers were implemented on the microcontroller successfully.