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Full-Scale Implementation and Testing of Non-Prestressed Full-Depth Precast Bridge Deck Panels with Continuous Shear Pockets




Mante, David M.

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) currently has over three miles of major interstate bridges near downtown Birmingham involving approximately 600,000 square feet of deck area with significant levels of deterioration. In an effort to minimize the impact of bridge deck replacement projects on the end user, it is necessary to rapidly replace deteriorated bridge decks with new precast concrete deck panels. By exploring new and innovative types of precast deck panel systems, it is possible to expedite deck replacement projects throughout Alabama. In this study, a replacement bridge deck panel system utilizing non-prestressed full-depth precast concrete bridge deck panels with continuous shear pockets was investigated. First, the research team performed conceptual improvement, design, detailing, and fabrication studies on a specific deck replacement system (system CD-2) proposed by previous researchers. Next, an experimental program was carried out to construct and test a full-size bridge precast deck panel specimen that incorporated the newly refined deck replacement system. Based on the results of the static and cyclic load testing program, it was found that the modified CD-2 type deck panel system performed satisfactorily with regards to AASHTO serviceability requirements.