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AmericanWork, Inc. Supportive Living Program: A Program Evaluation




Reed, Shelley

Type of Degree



Rehabilitation and Special Education


The AmericanWork, Inc. Supportive Living Program is a residential program for the severe and persistent mentally ill. This program evaluation sought to determine the variables which impact the consumer transitioning out of the program into independent community living among participants both currently living at and graduating from the program since its inception and ending November 30, 2011 (n=129). The goals of the program are to reduce need of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization and increase independent living within the community. A logistic regression is utilized for data analysis. Pre-admission, Secondary and Program-specific variables were evaluated with program-specific variables being found to have a significant impact on the outcome of the consumer in transitioning into community living. More specifically, identified discharge barriers were found to negatively impact successful transition of the participants. By determining those variables which impact transition of participants into community living, program improvements can be suggested to address these variables (i.e., natural supports) with individualized treatment planning to improve success of consumer’s with severe and persistent mental illness in obtaining and maintaining independent living within the community.