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Attribution, Race, and Gender: The Relationship Between the Perceptions of European American Teachers and The Disproportionate Placement of African-American Males in Special Education




Bibbs, Robbin

Type of Degree



Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


The purpose of this study was to examine factors which may have contributed to the disproportionate placement of African-American males in special education within a particular urban school district. The study examined European-American teachers’ (teaching group) attitudes within the school district toward instructing male students, specifically African-Americans. The study compared and examined teachers’ perceptions of their general efficacy towards instructing all students and efficacy towards teaching males, particularly African-American males and how teachers’ attitudes may contribute to and correlate with the overrepresentation of African-American males in special education. In addition, the study will examine how teachers’ attributes (i.e., cultural, racial, gender and educational training) contribute to student performance expectations.