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Energy-Efficient Designs in Cyber-Physical Systems with a Control and Optimization Approach




Huang, Yingsong

Type of Degree



Electrical Engineering


In modern cyber-physical systems (CPS), new dimensions of freedom are enabled to energy efficient solutions. We first focus on the energy delivery side within the smart grid paradigm for smart, efficient and reliable energy delivery. We then explore the demand side with 'green' wireless networks for multimedia streaming, in response to the drastic increasing demand in multimedia service in wireless networks. In this dissertation, we first study energy management systems in smart grid. We design power scheduling policies for smoothing power profile in power distribution networks. The proposed power scheduling policies allow the operator to deploy generators, transformers and power transmission lines with smaller capacity in the grid, thus reducing the capital investment. In addition, the power consumption can be reduced during peak hours, and the average energy generation cost will also be minimized. We also propose a smart electric energy management system in microgrids (MGs). With the proposed algorithm, the MG achieves the fundamental requirements in smart grid with distributed renewable energy integration, energy storage systems management and residential power quality management, while keeping the compatibility to the legacy grid. We then propose downlink power control frameworks for streaming multiple variable bit rate (VBR) videos in wireless cellular networks. We develop both centralized and low-complexity distributed algorithms, which optimally schedule the transmission power for the BS's, such that VBR videos can be delivered to mobile users without causing playout buffer underflow or overflow under wireless channel uncertainty. The proposed solutions achieve the quality of experience (QoE) requirements of users, as well as keeping the systems "green". In this dissertation, we adopt a control and optimization approach for energy efficient design in CPS.The synergy of the advanced control and optimization methods in engineering systems provides new visions for practical solutions to bring a green world in the future.