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An Archaeological Investigation of the Indian Hill Site, 1Wx15, a Middle Woodland Culture




Henry, Megan

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The object of this study was to assess the variability in adaptive strategies for an extinct Middle Woodland population in the Alabama River valley. Previous archaeological investigations demonstrate a disputed cultural chronology and limited sample sizes for a clear representation of this cultural period. Ceramic and lithic materials from the Indian Hill site in Wilcox County, AL were the primary units of analysis. This study, relying heavily upon archaeological theoretical constructs, previous archaeological investigations into the Middle Woodland, and the analysis of ceramic and lithic material from 1Wx15, demonstrates that this area was occupied by a group of aboriginal people that created a unique container and lithic inventory. Ceramic analysis of the Indian Hill site represents limited interaction of these people with other ethnic groups. It is the purpose of the research to provide a narrative about the cultural identity of this Middle Woodland population in Wilcox County, AL.