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Synthesis and Application of MnO2/Conducting Polymer Based Multidimensional Nanocomposite for Energy Storage




Wang, Xiaolong

Type of Degree



Polymer and Fiber Engineering


Supercapacitors are new type of energy storage devices in addition to batteries and electrostatic capacitors. They have higher power density than batteries, and higher energy density than conventional capacitors. Moreover, supercapacitor can work under a wider range of operating temperature and longer working life. Therefore, supercapacitors have attracted a great deal of attention from the energy related society. Currently, researches on supercapacitor mainly focus on the synthesis of high-performance electrode. The goal of this study is to establish a variety of approaches to prepare Manganese Oxide (MnO2) based nanocomposites, in whichdifferent kinds of conducting materials including conducting polymer and carbon nanotube (CNT) will serve as one of the major components. Moreover, another important point of this research is to demonstrate the enhancement on capacitance of MnO2 after surface modification of MnO2 by conducting materials. As for the characterizations, cyclic voltammetry (CV) and charge-discharge test are the main techniques to analyze the energy storage property. Scanning electric microscope (SEM) is used to discover the morphology of these nanocomposites and confirm the success of our synthesis methods. This Master’s thesis describes experimental details in investigating the electrochemical properties of MnO2 based nanocomposites, and confirming the potential applications as active components of supercapacitor.