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A Brief Review of Body Quest: Food of the Warrior, a Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative, and Impact on Fruit and Vegetable Preference




Smith, Sarah

Type of Degree



Nutrition and Food Science


Objective: Body Quest: Food of the Warrior (BQ) was developed as a childhood obesity prevention initiative. This thesis provides a brief program review of BQ and measures the effect of BQ on fruit and vegetable (F/V) preferences of participants. Methods: Program acceptability was measured by feedback from participating students, school administrators, and state SNAP-Ed educators. Changes in F/V preference were measured in students participants (n=1,829) from pre- to post-assessments across 17-class periods. Results: BQ incorporated novel technology with creative nutrition education and was widely accepted as an educational resource. For pre- to post- assessment changes in F/V preference of students, participants in BQ intervention had significant increases for vegetables (t=-13.82, p<.001, pre=1.20, post=1.56). There was a ceiling effect for fruit preference (t=1.153, p=.249, pre=2.58, post=2.55). Conclusions: BQ allows students to learn nutrition via a new pedagogy, and exposes them to tasting F/V, which can increase preference for F/V.