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Relationship between Demographic Characteristics and Current Level of Job Satisfaction among North Carolina State Agency Rehabilitation Counselors




Duncan, John

Type of Degree



Rehabilitation and Special Education


This study examined factors perceived to contribute to job satisfaction (amount of pay, having good benefits, having job security, autonomy and other various factors that one may perceive as advantageous to go to work) and current level of job satisfaction ( I am satisfied with my job, I am satisfied with the quality of supervision I receive, and my job description accurately describes the work I usually perform) among Rehabilitation Counselors in the State Vocational Rehabilitation System of North Carolina. Data collection was accomplished by using a Job Satisfaction Survey developed by the North Carolina State Office of Personnel and disseminated by a Counselor Advisory Committee (CAC) representative. Data were then sent to Auburn University for analysis. The method used to analyze the data was quantitative in nature and included descriptive statistics. The sample consisted of 384 North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors from across three regions (East, West, Central) of the State. The survey was conducted in October, 2004. Of the 384 surveys mailed, 278 counselors returned the surveys as instructed, 2 indicated that they would not participate, 4 were returned because of vacant positions, 2 were returned due to medical leave and 8 were returned as extras. The final sample contained 274 usable replies for a 71% response rate. It has been noted in research that even though there is a high response rate that there may exist a positive upward response rate in the data collected (Marlow, 1998). It was determined that 50% of the males and females had a high level of current job satisfaction resulting from support, appreciation, and treatment at work, approximately 8 out of 10 of all respondents reported dissatisfaction regarding the amount of paperwork and as well as current levels of remuneration.