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Online Communication Practices of Reform Judaism Congregations




Frost, Jonathon

Type of Degree



Communication and Journalism


This study’s purpose was to determine online communication practices of congregations associated with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), the governing body of American Reform congregations. The study examined 252 American URJ congregational websites using a content analysis to determine how congregations used their websites from both an organizational and religious perspective. Website content was grouped into material designed to promote “religion online”—content designed to promote the organization and provide information—such as information related to organizational identity building, community outreach, mobilization of civic and social action, and information related to “online religion,” or engagement in spiritual activity via the Internet (Farrell, 2011). ANOVA and MANOVA analysis was used to determine significant differences in content based on congregation size and region. Results revealed larger congregations were more likely to use websites for organizational identity building, mobilization of civic and social action, and the practice of “online religion.”