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An Examination of the Attitudes, Attributions, and Beliefs Held Towards Poverty and Individuals Living in Poverty




Crumley, Eric

Type of Degree



Rehabilitation and Special Education


This study was conducted in order to examine the relationship between attitudes, attributions, and beliefs held toward poverty and individuals living in poverty (ILP) by undergraduate and graduate students. The study utilized a correlational design and multiple regression analyses in an attempt to explore the possible effects of various demographic variables on an individual’s attitudes, attributions, and beliefs toward poverty and individuals living in poverty (ILP). Specifically, attention was given to graduate students enrolled in counselor preparation programs (i.e., counselors in training) when compared against the overall population sample. Results indicated that socioeconomic status, race, and level of education had a significant impact on an individual’s beliefs and attributions towards poverty and are likely to influence their identification of more structuralistic, fatalistic/individualistic themes in regards to why poverty exists in the United States.