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Effects of Bibliotherapy on Second Grader's Conflict Resolution Related to Bullying




Nix, Nancy

Type of Degree



Curriculum and Teaching


This study investigated the effects of bibliotherapy on bullying with second graders. In this study, the bibliotherapy treatment group listened to and discussed ten trade books with the content of bullying. The control group listened to and discussed three chapter books that had no content of bullying. The participants were given two pretests, a survey, and a picture identification task, to determine their background knowledge about bullying. After the treatment, the participants were given four posttests to determine if the treatment group participants had developed more knowledge about bullying and conflict resolution than the control group. The study was completed during 16 consecutive school days. Pretests were given the day before the treatment began, there were 10 days of treatment and control group activities, and then the posttests were given the following 5 days. Only for conflict resolution was there a significant difference between the treatment and control groups.