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Determining to What Extent Agricultural Content Diffuses from a Primary School through a Rural African Village: A Phenomenological Study




Wilson, Brandon

Type of Degree



Curriculum and Teaching


Life Academy of Kimuli Uganda is a primary school for students between the ages of three and seventeen. The purpose of this school is to educate students in basic subjects, including science. The researcher identified that the science curriculum contained agriculture integrated into the content. This qualitative study utilized the phenomenological methodology to understand the attitudes and perceptions of all stakeholders who are impacted by the science curriculum. Additionally, this study sought to determine to what extent the content being taught in the primary school was diffusing through this small African village of Kimuli, Uganda. The results of this study indicated that while teachers perceived they were teaching improved agricultural agricultural practices and that this content could enhance existing agricultural practices of Kimuli, parents and community members identified in this study were not adopters of such improved practices. Barriers were identified that hindered diffusion and adoption of agricultural content facilitated at the primary school.