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A New Evaluation of Hernán Cortés’s Textual Strategies in Light of Documents Written by and about Diego Velázquez




Antrobius, Rebecca

Type of Degree



Foreign Language and Literature


During the conquest of Mexico, Hernán Cortés used textual and political strategies in his Cartas de relación that helped him achieve a position of power within the Spanish Empire. These strategies have been investigated and written about by historians and literary critics alike. Nevertheless, the textual and political strategies used in the Carta de relación of his rival, Diego Velázquez, have been largely ignored. Diego Velázquez was the conqueror of Cuba and Hernán Cortés’s superior officer. This investigation focuses on a comparative analysis between the textual and political strategies of both Hernán Cortés and Diego Velázquez. This comparison not only reveals a new dimension to this famous rivalry, it also calls into question the origin of the textual and political strategies used by Hernán Cortés.