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Aperture Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna for WIFI, WiMAX, and Radar Applications




Clayton, Christopher

Type of Degree



Electrical Engineering


The aperture-coupled microstrip patch antenna is presented. The operation frequency range of antenna is 4.8 - 5.2 GHz. This frequency range is possible due to the use of low dielectric materials for the patch and microstrip substrate, = 1.03 = 2.6. The antenna is fed by a microstrip feed line designed for 50 impedance. The for the antenna at 5 GHz is -38.3 dB. The -10dB bandwidth of the antenna exceeds 400 MHz which equates to 8% bandwidth overall. The realized gain for the antenna at 5 GHz is 8.33 dB when = 0°and = 90°. The maximum sidelobes are -3.02 dB and -2.29 dB when = −55°and = 55°, respectively. The sidelobe level or the difference between the main beam maximum and the sidelobe, equals to around 10.62 dB. The co-polarization radiation is above -4 dB while the cross-polarization is below -32 dB. The overall performance is sufficient to support WIFI, WiMAX, and radar applications in mobile devices, routers, electronic devices, and for military purposes.