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Finite Element Simulation of Precast/Prestressed Insulated Sandwich Panels Optimized for Construction of Government Facilities




Nickerson, Joseph

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


This report discusses the development of finite element modeling methodologies for the static and dynamic response of insulated sandwich panels to uniform pressure loads. Experimental testing, which included solid panel and sandwich panel static testing, component level testing of shear tie connectors, and blast testing of sandwich panels, was used for FE model validation. The use of a beam-spring system to capture the shear transfer between concrete wythes of various shear connectors accurately was a primary focus of the modeling approach. The FE modeling approach was also used to address questions related to the design of wall panels for blast loads. The ductility of prestressed members and the performance of sandwich panels in comparison to solid panels were highlighted. The performance of load-bearing wall panel subjected to blast loads in comparison to non-load-bearing wall panels was investigated, and recommendations on incorporating axial loads into single-degree-of-freedom analysis tools were made.