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Investigating Organizational Justice Perceptions in Promotional Exams




Scruggs, Ross

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The present study investigated perceptions of organizational justice and workplace (in)civility in a promotional exam context. Specifically, it was proposed that perceptions of distributive, procedural, interpersonal, and informational justice and perceptions of workplace civility and incivility would be related to performance in a promotional assessment center, self-reported organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs), and self-reported burnout. The model indicated that procedural justice was related to exam scores and OCBs. Interpersonal justice was related to OCBs towards the organization. Informational justice was related to OCBs. Workplace civility was related to OCBs and burnout. Lastly, workplace incivility was related to exam scores, OCBs, and burnout. These findings suggest the importance of organizational perceptions for both direct and indirect outcomes for the employee and employer. Keywords: organizational justice, incivility, civility, organizational citizenship behavior, burnout, personnel selection