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Comparison of Chinese and International Harmonic, Interharmonic and Flicker Standards




Wang, Yao

Type of Degree



Electrical Engineering


Power quality is one of the essential problems related to daily life with growing quantities of power electronic equipment invading our homes, offices and factories. Standards for power quality, including harmonics, interharmonics, and voltage fluctuations and flicker, are the basic technical documents that apply in the power supply system, so it is worth making a comparison of these standards from different organizations. This entire thesis is around the centerpiece of three Chinese standards: GB/T 14549-93 for harmonics, GB/T 24337-2009 for interharmonics, and GB/T 12326-2008 for voltage fluctuations and flicker. This thesis firstly compares and analyzes the harmonic standards among GB/T 14549-93 and the other two most well-known standards – IEEE 519-1992 and IEC 61000-3-6:2008. Then discussion turns to the only independent interharmonic standard GB/T 24337-2009. At last, the comparison is conducted on two voltage fluctuation and flicker standards – GB/T 12326-2008 and the widely accepted IEC 61000-3-7:2008. Emission limits and the underlying basic principles are the primary concerns of this research.