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E-Textbook Evaluation Study




Aldubaisi, Fatimah

Type of Degree



Computer Science


The effects that technological advances have on education and how these advances can be used to improve the learning process are important research questions that attract many researchers to study different aspects of these issues. One such aspect is the development of interactive e-textbooks. Interactive e-textbooks are defined as electronic books that go beyond the static nature of printed textbooks. In this study, an e-textbook was developed that uses JavaScript for its interactive elements, and employs a concept map for navigational purposes. This e-textbook prototype was tested for the purpose of answering the following research questions. Does an e-textbook improve a student's learning as measured by his/her performance in a test? Does an e-textbook improve a student's learning and performance better than a printed textbook? Do students like interacting with the interface of an e-textbook and does it increase a student's engagement with the course material? Results showed that undergraduate students' performance improved after using the e-textbook. Results also showed that both undergraduate students and graduate students had a positive reaction to the e-textbook.