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Conceptual Design Optimization of an Augmented Stability Aircraft Incorporating Dynamic Response Performance Constraints




Welstead, Jason

Type of Degree



Aerospace Engineering


This research focused on incorporating stability and control into a multidisciplinary design optimization on a Boeing 737-class advanced concept called the D8.2b. A new method of evaluating the aircraft handling performance using quantitative evaluation of the system to disturbances, including perturbations, continuous turbulence, and discrete gusts, is presented. A multidisciplinary design optimization was performed using the D8.2b transport aircraft concept. The configuration was optimized for minimum fuel burn using a design range of 3,000 nautical miles. Optimization cases were run using fixed tail volume coefficients, static trim constraints, and static trim and dynamic response constraints. A Cessna 182T model was used to test the various dynamic analysis components, ensuring the analysis was behaving as expected. Results of the optimizations show that including stability and control in the design process drastically alters the optimal design, indicating that stability and control should be included in conceptual design to avoid system level penalties later in the design process.