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Analysis of Record and Playback Errors of GPS Signals Caused by the USRP




Hennigar, Andrew

Type of Degree



Mechanical Engineering


In this thesis, the errors created by the USRP (Universal Software Receiver Platform) during record and playback are analyzed. The USRP is used for jamming, spoo fing, and GPS processing, and has recently become widely used for capturing GPS signals for record and playback. However, there has been little research into how the USRP e ffects signal quality during record and playback. This thesis is based on the live capture of L1 GPS signals. Data is captured for multiple scenarios in both static and dynamic situations. The signal is split and sent to multiple receivers and the USRP. The data is gathered, parsed, and quantifi ed using statistical analysis for comparison over a broad range of tests. From the captured signals, statistical analysis is used for a more comprehensive overview of the USRP. Results show that statistical data from playback of GPS signals is reliable in multiple scenarios, thus validation the USRP as an accurate means by which data can be recorded and played back.