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Proactive Reuse




Chandler, Kevin

Type of Degree

Landscape Thesis


Landscape Architecture


In this thesis I explored how as a designer I could approach site design proactively where one use transitions into the next. These times of transition are points that are not respected in our society. Current trends offer an approach to site design that erases the existing condition of the site requiring an establishment of new conditions imposed over the old. Disestablishment of a sites artifacts and traces removes these histories that shaped the site before Designers, developers, and businessmen arrive on the site. Our short sighted outlook in regards to site design is a fatal flaw in our design system. It also prevents sites from build on themselves. Features that are working well can continue to serve their purpose and elements that need revision can be enhanced upon instead of removing and rethinking the whole site. When we erase our sites we forget parts of our story as a species.