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A Review of Self-Identified Critical Incidents among Counseling Supervisors-in-Training




Meyer, Gregory

Type of Degree



Rehabilitation and Special Education


Supervision-specific training programs have become the norm for individuals interested in becoming a counseling supervisor because formal training has focused on incorporating the principles from general development models into the training programs. However, in focusing on larger, more general outcomes of the development of supervisors-in-training, researchers may overlook what is taking place on an individual level with trainees. Overall, research focused on the individual experiences of those conducting supervision is rare. The purpose of the study was to examine self-identified critical incidents among counseling supervisors-in-training. The experiences of these supervisors-in-training were examined using critical incidents, identified by the participants through responses to reflection questions. The critical incidents were analyzed using transcendental phenomenological techniques. Themes were isolated for the beginning, middle, and end of the semester. The primary themes that were reported demonstrated the participants’ focus on critical moments regarding both interactions with their supervisee as well as their self-reflection. Better understanding the textural and structural context of the reported themes during specific periods of the semester can better equip educators to support the supervisors training needs.