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Transgressive Design: the creation of latent experiences on landfills in the social injustice realm




Williams II, Dennis

Type of Degree

Landscape Thesis


Landscape Architecture


The designers of the past sought out the sites where the land would be easy to reclaim without too much hassle of what can and can’t be accomplished in their designs. In these areas where people who live below the poverty line are being targeted in trending locations to build landfills. In some cases the landfills are being built in close proximity to community members homes. My site which is the Arrowhead landfill in Uniontown Alabama is one of the severe cases of homes being in close proximity from a landfill which are 200ft away from the coal ash landfill. I am trying to discover the process that it takes to create a social experience on landfills in social injustice areas in Alabama’s blackbelt region. I want to give people a chance to interact with the landfills inner systems and allow them to have ways to monitor it. I will explore what is in the landfill and how can it be used in favor of the nearby community by testing design ideas while the landfill is still operational.