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Enhancing Image Resolvability in Obscured Environments Using 3D Deconvolution and a Plenoptic Camera




Bolan, Jeffrey

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Aerospace Engineering


Light field imaging with a plenoptic camera is an emerging flow diagnostic technique capable of capturing three dimensional information about a given volume or flow from a single plenoptic image. Translucent occlusions such as flames often partially obscure and degrade features of interest in many imaging environments. The plenoptic camera is a promising tool for investigating such flows, yet its application to imaging in partially occluded environments or imaging flames is largely unexplored. This thesis explores this application by first explaining the fundamentals of light field imaging with a plenoptic camera. The focus then shifts to imaging in environments containing translucent occlusions. Tests to characterize the general performance of the plenoptic refocusing algorithm were conducted. Separate experiments were performed to quantify the improvements from the enhancement technique of 3D deconvolution. Qualitative examples of the deconvolution algorithm as applied to various types of flames are shared with direction towards future work.