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How can I explore and represent the atmosphere in landscape architecture by 3Ds Max software?




Bui, Nga

Type of Degree

Landscape Thesis


Landscape Architecture


In landscape architecture, representing in graphic is a way to communicate the vision, the performance of the design. While objects and performance is popular standard to navigate graphic and design, the atmosphere which plays vital roles in creating the aesthetic of a place is not paid attention. While atmosphere, the experi¬ence of feeling, depends on subjects’ attitude, it is also effected by ambient elements. This thesis, therefore, is the ambition of exploring and representing the atmosphere in order to communicate effectively between landscape architects and clients. This thesis examines how to represent atmosphere experienced based on both personal experience and ambient elements by 3Ds Max software. The priority goal of representing atmosphere by virtual three dimensional model would be stimulating designers to explore, understanding and engaging the atmosphere in spatial quality without physical experience. The secondary purpose is the effort of evoking the experience of atmosphere onlooker. Hence, the strategy of the project includes two main sections: (1) exploring the atmosphere in term of experience and ambience condition, and (2) technique of software. The success of the tests of representing is based on its ability to generate the experience of atmo¬sphere of landscape of a place. Furthermore, it is expected to be useful for landscape architecture to apply their exploration of atmosphere to into design, testing on virtual models and communicating on rendering representation.