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Evaluation of Driver Assistive Truck Platooning on Traffic Flow




Gordon, Mikhail

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Civil Engineering


Interest in driver assistive truck platooning (DATP) through the application of coordinated adaptive cruise control in the freight trucking industry is on the rise due to its expected benefits on the roadway. To investigate traffic flow impacts, as part of a study sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, a traffic microsimulation model is developed in CORSIM software. This simulation takes place on a segment of Interstate 85 in the Auburn, AL area. The parameters of headway, market penetration, and traffic volume are varied. These results of simulation are analyzed using travel time benefit and average speed as the measures of effectiveness. The statistical significance of the simulation results are analyzed using both a t-test and multilevel ANOVA. An adequate choice for the implementation of DATP technology on the roadway with current traffic volume is found to be 1.00 second headway with greater than 20% market penetration.