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Exploring Participants’ Variation in Relational Outcomes based on Couple Relationship Education Curriculum




Rodriguez, Priscilla

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Human Development and Family Studies


The purpose of this study was to advance explorations of content of two different Couple Relationship Education (CRE) curricula, ELEVATE and a Mindfulness-Based CRE (MBCRE), and how each of two program experiences influenced individual and couple outcomes to varying degrees. Results indicated that MBCRE participants (n = 60) experienced greater declines in stress levels and greater improvements in positive interactions with their partner, compared to ELEVATE participants (n = 157). Participants from both MBCRE and ELEVATE experienced significant declines in their negative interactions with their partner and felt more confident in their relationship. This study also found that change in positive interactions was the most potent predictor of change in confidence level for both ELEVATE and MBCRE participants and also predicted change in relational quality for ELEVATE participants. This comparison of program influence on similar outcomes informs facilitators on mechanisms of change following CRE participation.