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A GIS-based Analysis of the Hotel Locations Choice in Manhattan, New York, 1820-2012




Du, Ting

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Geology and Geography


Location is one of the most important elements of hotel development. This study aims to investigate the locations of hotels in Manhattan, New York. This research was conducted for the following purposes: (1) to analyze spatial-temporal variations of hotel development in Manhattan, New York from 1822 to 2012; (2) to provide feasible measurements to assess and quantify the relevant location factors influencing hotel performance; (3) to examine and identify the potential location factors which are significant to location decision making and hotel performance. GIS-based spatial statistical methods were applied to detect spatial-temporal patterns of hotel location distribution over different time periods. In addition, multiple regressions were used to examine the relationships between location factors as well as the star levels, sizes and performances of hotels. The results illustrate the sensitivity of location factors which impact hotel location decision making and operation, and provide valuable references for retailers and planners. Key words: Hotel location, GIS, Spatial statistics, New York City