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DC Parametric Test and IDDQ Test Using Advantest T2000 ATE




Ding, Jialin

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical Engineering


For purpose of improving quality of devices before shipping to customers, VLSI testing methods have been developed to detect defective devices effectively by using automatic test equipment (ATE). To test a chip properly, it is required to test a number of devices to characterize the device and determine manufacturing defects that should be corrected before full production of the device. Since the characterization and production tests need to be undertaken fast and effectively, automatic test equipment is employed to test each device. This thesis presents test methods for characterization test, including contact test, input and output voltage level test, input leakage test, IDD current test, power supply voltage bump test and IDDQ test by using the ADVANTEST T2000 test system. This thesis also provides test procedure and results for the each test. For each of these tests, test results are presented to show the characteristics of each of several devices, implemented with different technologies.