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SPICE model implementation of a quantum phase-slip junction




Goteti, Uday Sravan

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical Engineering


A quantum phase-slip is a superconducting phenomenon, which is identified as an exact dual to Josephson tunneling. Therefore, the device known as a quantum phase-slip junction is expected to be as significant and fundamental as the Josephson junction in superconductors. Josephson junctions in general, have several applications in millimeter wave detection, the voltage standard, digital circuits and also qubits. The aim of this thesis is to demonstrate a SPICE model of a quantum phase-slip junction to aid the search for analogous classical applications in fields of digital and RF circuits. Derivation of a SPICE model of a quantum phase-slip junction using its known compact model, and implementation in JSPICE using C programming language along with implementation in WRSPICE using Verilog-A have been presented in this thesis. This model includes transient operation of the device. Basic I-V curves along with simulation of example circuits of the device are shown to validate the model.