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The Relationship Between Creativity and Learning Style Preference, Age, and Educational Achievement




Christensen, James

Type of Degree



Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


This study investigated the relationship between creativity and learning style preference, age, and educational achievement. One hundred adult graduate students from the departments of Adult Education and Higher Education Administration completed the Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults (ATTA) and the Gregorc Style Delineator. The ATTA measured creativity and the Gregorc Style Delineator measured learning style preference. Age and educational achievement were self-reported by participants. Pearson product-moment correlation and ANOVA revealed no statistically significant relationship between creativity and stated variables. A marginal relationship was found between Creativity Index scores and age. Creativity Index scores of younger participants reflected a wide range of scores. Score range narrowed as participants' age increased. This finding indicated the possibility of a regression toward the mean with stabilization of creativity scores in middle age. More research is suggested to determine the validity of this finding.