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Analyzing the Association between Impulsivity, Diabetes, Eating Behavior, Physical Activity Behavior, and Medication Adherence




Lertpichitkul, Thanasak

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Pharmacy Care Systems


Background: Impulsivity has been shown to be associated with many unhealthy lifestyle factors: obesity, unhealthy eating, and decreased physical activity, all of which are associated with having diabetes. However, no study has assessed the direct association between impulsivity and diabetes. Objectives: The objectives of this study are to (a) analyze the association between diagnosis of diabetes and impulsivity, and examine Body Mass Index (BMI) as a mediator; (b) analyze the association between impulsivity and eating and physical activity behaviors; and (c) analyze the association between impulsivity and medication adherence. Method: Cross-sectional online survey Results: Increased level of impulsivity was associated with increased BMI and less desirable eating, physical activity, and medication adherence behaviors, but was not associated with diagnosis of diabetes. Conclusions: These findings underscore the importance of incorporating methods to mitigate the influence of impulsivity on certain health behaviors.