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Use of a Small-scale Erosion Control Model in the Design of Silt Fence Tiebacks




Halverson, Jarid

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


For most storm events, accelerated erosion caused by storm water runoff from construction sites can be mitigated through vigilant management efforts. The control measures that are designed to provide a practical field solution to pollution problems from all sources and sectors are known as best management practices. The primary goal of this research was to construct a small-scale erosion control model, in a laboratory environment, that models typical highway construction sites, accommodates the simulation of varying rainfall intensities, and ultimately allows for the extensive testing of various erosion control best management practices. The secondary goal of this effort involved developing a silt fence tieback design guide to assist designers and inspectors in the proper placement of silt fence tiebacks along highway construction projects. Finally, the last goal focuses upon testing the tieback design guidelines on the small-scale erosion control model and quantifying the reductions in the total amount of sediment leaving highway construction sites and the overall improvements in the storm water quality.