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Design Guidelines for Product that Influence Consumers’ Value Perception




Li, Xin

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial Design


When consumers meet a new product and make purchase choice, they will have a first impression. Most first impressions connect to the exterior performance of this product, which may include the form implication and visual function judgments. All of these will influence the consumers’ value perception. The customers’ value perception is an evaluation criteria that is related to the concept of perceived value or perceived quality (sometimes not the real value or quality) and consumers’ background. This thesis focuses on finding all the possible factors that influence consumers’ value perception, and how these factors have an impact on consumers’ evaluations, especially when they make a purchase choice. Finally, this thesis will determine guidelines to direct product designers to create or improve their design by controlling the end users’ value perception. By following the guidelines, which includes contextual difference, functions, form, and human factors, designers will design a product that meet the consumers’ value perception, and will have a higher possibility to ensure the success of product design in the market, bringing higher profit to the manufacturer.