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A Systematic Approach to the Classification of Physical Connections in Product Design




Dong, Xue

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial Design


Physical connection plays an important part in product design. This thesis focuses on discussing physical connection in product design. Physical connection is the junction area of two or multiple parts. This thesis aims to develop a systematic classification system for the physical connections in product design, which might help product designers gain a better understanding and knowledge about physical connections and the use of them in product design, thus improving the aesthetic consciousness of the physical connection of product design. There are several methods utilized in this study. First, the researcher will collect several types of physical connections in different product categories. The author would like to inspire the designers thinking about the aesthetic perspective of physical connections by exposing and analyzing the current physical connections. In addition, the researcher will explore the factors that have impact on physical connection selection. In order to create a relatively reasonable classification method of physical connection, the researcher will conduct a qualitative research among product designers. A web gallery will be created by applying the newly created classification system in its design, this website would be a open platform for the user to find the required information by using the filter. By tracking the customer’s searching behavior, the researcher could collect enough data to refine this classification system of physical connections in order to develop a better web gallery for designers to use.