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Field Evaluation of Near-Surface Mounted, Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Strips for Strengthening of a Continuous Reinforced Concrete Bridge




Childs, William

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Civil Engineering


The Letohatchee bridge is a continuous, reinforced concrete, deck-girder bridge maintained by the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) along AL 97 over I-65 near Letohatchee, Alabama. The bridge is deficient in negative-moment capacity and was strengthened using near-surface mounted fiber-reinforced polymer (NSM FRP) strips. The bridge was load tested before and after implementation of the NSM FRP strengthening program. A long-term test was also conducted one year after installation to evaluate behavior of the NSM FRP system after a year of exposure to the environment and service loads. Installation of the strengthening system is documented in this thesis. The NSM FRP system exhibited an apparent 10% reduction in girder reinforcing steel stress, while stress in slab reinforcement may have increased due to a more even distribution of moment across the bridge cross section. The NSM FRP system did not show any signs bond degradation or strength loss one year after installation.