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Trait Emotional Intelligence Differences in Pre-Career and Mid-Career United States Military Leaders




Bond, Andrew

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis




Trait Emotional Intelligence is a well-established predictor of desirable workplace outcomes such as job performance. In military contexts, the fifteen facets of Trait Emotional Intelligence overlap considerably with the Leader Attributes and Competencies established by doctrine used to evaluate officer performance. In spite of these similarities, training initiatives to develop emotional intelligence in service members are conspicuously missing in institutional training programs. The current study investigates differences in Trait Emotional Intelligence between a sample of United States Army Military Academy Cadets (N=174) and mid-career United States Army Officers (N=206). Key analyses include mean-level differences based on level of experience, and regression analysis to identify variables that explain facet and factor-level differences between samples. Findings include facet-level differences between samples in Impulse Control and Emotion Regulation. Implications for force management, leader development, and future directions of study are discussed.