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Re-Imagining Interaction




Sunder, Sushmitha

Type of Degree

Landscape Thesis


Landscape Architecture


The sharing of thoughts, opinions and just common matters on social media, have gotten the attention of many people. They have the ability to reach diverse people far and wide and make unfathomable connections and outcomes. This only goes to show that people are ready to be spoken and heard on many different platforms, and such basic but prime platforms are public spaces. These open stages can afford reinvention to accommodate new dimensions of interaction. Advancements in tech communications have exceeded what our ancestors would have imagined public spaces would do. As demand for sharing ideas increases, tech companies advance the need for newer forms of interaction and responses. In 2015, facebook added more emoticons to their ‘like’ response, such as ‘dislike’ etc. Yet we look to the early set examples of public open spaces for grounds of design. The farthest we have gone to including the internet in public spaces, is access to local Wi-Fi signals, which is made available as a commodity and as a marketing media strategies by the companies that plan them. Once these signals are known, people make use of them in public spaces and thus their behavior is immediately altered, not by the design of the space but by the availability and strength of the signal. The research focuses on recognizing change in societal behavior and people’s understanding of current trends of communications in the unmediated web network. Consequently, these observations should inform the newer designs to make our current scenario legible and adaptive. As landscape architecture caters to every type of community, there is a certain aspect of public spaces that has still not gained momentum and that is, exploring newer form of interactions that technology affords for us.