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Shifting Landscapes




Shorter, Ashley

Type of Degree

Landscape Thesis


Landscape Architecture


Mobile Bay is a landscape that is experiencing distress from human manipulations, much like most coastal environments. The field of landscape architecture is attempting to tackle the issues by advocating for resilient communities, adapting development to the changes, and using different forms of mitigation from impacts. First the change in the perception of how the environment is a living thing that affects everything. The eco-revelatory design is used as an instrument to engage humans and plant and animal community. The intention is to reveal that humans and ecology are not separate entities but are interconnected. The site chosen is a place that is used by the local community as a recreation area. The site was once a depressed forest but was converted by humans to a golf course. Now natural processes are taking over the location that was once a highly maintained landscape. Why did this happen? The local community may not fully understand why the locale has become a muddy terrain that can no longer support a golf course. The research question is attempting to create a site design that can act as a datum to reveal the landscape process.