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The Effects of Explicit Pronunciation Instruction in Elementary Spanish: Perception and Production of Vowels




Gibson, Benjamin

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Foreign Language and Literature


Research in pronunciation teaching in Spanish has focused mostly on intermediate or advanced levels, with only cursory attention paid to the elementary level. This research attempts to change that. Pronunciation is obviously an important aspect of second language learning, so teaching it at the elementary level could be assumed to be beneficial. The present thesis attempted to prove that hypothesis. Thirty students completed the steps of the study, which involved tests of perception and production of Spanish words with a focus on vowels and word stress. The results showed that the experimental group’s perception improved significantly, while the control group’s perception declined over time despite continuing to take Spanish classes. The experimental group’s production also improved, though significance was conflictive in this study. The results serve to amplify the research done in the area of second language pedagogy and ultimately help to determine whether pronunciation should be taught at the elementary level in Spanish.