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Supervisory Development and Working Alliance: A Survey of Professional Counseling Supervisors




Bright, Serey Brittain

Type of Degree



Counseling Psychology


The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between supervisor development and supervisor working alliance and identify factors that contribute to positive supervisor development and working alliance. In order to better understand the experiences of practicing counselors and supervisors, participants were recruited from national and state professional counseling organizations—all participants currently worked as counselors and supervisors, held at least a master’s degree in counseling, had supervision experience with at least five supervisees, and were 19 years or older. After meeting inclusionary criteria for the study, participants completed an online Qualtrics survey composed of demographic questions, measures of supervisor development and working alliance, and open-ended response questions about personal experiences related to supervisor development and working alliance. Data analysis of results showed significant findings in regard to positive correlations between working alliance and supervisor development. In addition, regression results supported a significant relationship between the working alliance subscale of Client Focus and increases in supervisor development. A discussion of open-ended questions about important participant experiences related to supervisor development and working alliance was also included in the present study.