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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell's Angels: Herb Shreve, Evangelicalism, and the Christian Motorcyclists Association, 1974-1994




Giles, Christopher C.

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis




Abstract Postwar America can be defined as a time of cultural warfare. The Civil Rights Movement, expansion of the federal government, debates on contraceptives, abortion, pornography, and homosexuality are only a few topics still being discussed in the public forum today. Evangelicals perceived public discourse on these topics as offending the religious freedoms guaranteed to them by the founding fathers. Religious leaders across America vowed to fight in order to preserve their heritage. Evangelicals found many different ways to combat secular culture. One way in particular was through the parachurch organization. The Christian Motorcyclists Association is only one parachurch organization that existed during the second half of the twentieth century. However, the history of the CMA from 1974-1994 sheds light on specific ways in which evangelicalism sought to stay relevant in modern society. More importantly, the history of the CMA is unique because it is oriented towards a technology: the motorcycle.