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Electrical Breakdown of Gases in Subatmospheric Pressure




Chen, Yuxuan

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Electrical Engineering


In this study, I present my research on the breakdown phenomenon and discharge characteristics of gaseous dielectrics under DC voltages with different pressures. All of the experiments conducted utilized a point-to-point stainless steel electrode pair separated at 1cm gap distance. The theoretical and experimental breakdown voltage results of different gases are compared. It is observed that different gases has different breakdown voltage under the same experimental conditions and electrode geometry. Besides, the breakdown voltage versus pressure curves of gaseous dielectrics follows the classic Paschen’s Law as well. In conclusion, it is shown that the theoretical calculation values are correct. The air and nitrogen have the better insulating properties at selected 1 Torr to 2 Torr range, compared to other gases used in this study.