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Secondary Assistant Principals as Instructional Leaders: Characteristics and Experiences That Contribute to Their Perceptions of Readiness for the Role




Enloe, Vohn

Type of Degree



Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


This quantitative research study examined the characteristics and experiences that are significant in contributing to secondary assistant principals’ perceptions of readiness to serve as instructional leaders. Secondary assistant principals were the only group used in this study. Very little can be found in the literature pertaining to assistant principals and their instructional leadership role within the school. According to researchers, school leaders must possess more than just managerial skills in order to attain all of the organization’s goals; they must possess effective leadership characteristics (Gülcan, 2012). The researcher studied an existing data set; the results of a survey instrument administered to assistant principals across the state of Alabama. The survey instrument was designed by Dr. Tricia Browne-Ferrigno from the University of Kentucky and Dr. Linda Searby from Auburn University. The experiences and factors that contribute to a secondary assistant principal’s perception of readiness as an instructional leader were identified. Age and years of experience were found to have no influence on assistant principals’ perceptions of readiness. The number of instructional leadership tasks and responsibilities the principal is willing to share or relinquish to the assistant principal, professional development, and quality principal mentoring were found to greatly impact how well assistant principals perform in their current role as well as their perceptions of readiness to assume the role of principal and instructional leader of the school.