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Examining Partnerships between K-12 District Schools and College of Education Leadership Preparation Programs: A Case Study




Kitt, Zelda

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


Abstract In response to ongoing criticisms of the educational leadership preparation programs, the state of Alabama supported a redesign of educational leadership preparation programs which required a partnership between K-12 district schools and universities to better prepare instructional leaders. With the increasing responsibilities and high stakes assessment for school accountability, instructional leaders needed to be prepared on day one of their appointment to effectively lead schools. This study sought to understand the partnerships redesign between K-12 district schools and an Alabama College of Education preparation program. Three guiding questions were investigated: 1) What were the perceived facilitating factors; 2) What were the perceived hindrances; and, 3) What were the outcomes of the partnership? The major perceived facilitating factors and hindrances revealed in this study were consistent to those from existing research on the topic, however; an additional outcome was an 18 week residency where candidates were able to experience leadership at elementary, middle, and high school levels. Subsequently, changes with many of the facilitating factors resulted in the loss of the 18 week residency and a return to a shortened internship. Using a typology developed by researchers Barnett et al, (2010), this study analyzed the benefits, barriers and outcomes of the partnership. Keywords: partnerships, instructional leadership; redesign; K-12 district schools; university partnerships; professional development schools; typology promoting innovation.