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An Evaluation of Supplemental Activities Before and After a Field Trip to a Public Garden: Effects on Student Knowledge and Behavior




Funderburk, Martha Jayne

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis




The purpose of the study was to evaluate if students exhibit better knowledge comprehension and retention when exposed to activities before and after attending a garden field trip. Students’ behavior was evaluated on the field trip to see if exposure to activities before attending the field trip affected their ability to focus on the instruction while at the field trip site. Students participated in pre- and post-testing which evaluated their knowledge prior to and after the field trip. The experimental group of students participated in pre- and post-field trip activities along with the pre- and post-testing. The control group of students were pre- and post-tested, but experienced no pre-or post-activities. Teachers were survey following the field trip and Huntsville Botanical Garden field trip guides were interviewed in a semiformal setting after the field trip. The survey and interview questions concerned the students’ behavior during the field trip. Results of the study indicated the activities did not affect the experimental or control group scores, but the field trip to Huntsville Botanical Garden did.