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Acquired Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Assessment: Speech-Language Pathologists' Perceived Competence and Proposed Clinical Guideline.




Guyton, Kelsey

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Communication Disorders


Purpose: An on-line survey was completed to investigate SLP self-efficacy and knowledge for assessment of acquired velopharyngeal dysfunction (AVPD). It was hypothesized that participants would report limited training and low perceived self-efficacy. Frequency of AVPD clients, availability of instrumentation, and multidisciplinary teams were hypothesized to vary by work setting. A clinical guideline was proposed for planning intervention. Method: Survey data was collected from 150 practicing clinicians. Descriptive data analyzed clinical protocols and self-efficacy. Correlational statistics related self-efficacy, client experience, level of training, and multidisciplinary teams. A clinical guideline was developed as a questionnaire for determining ratio of implementation among three interventions. Results: A variety of protocols were provided for AVPD assessment and treatment. Limited training for AVPD was confirmed. Medical-based sites were more likely to have multidisciplinary teams and instrumentation. Higher levels of self-efficacy were reported than anticipated and correlational data varied among self-efficacy sources. Approximately 93% of respondents believed a clinical guideline would be useful. Conclusions: Clinicians typically feel underprepared when treating AVPD due to limited clinical experience. Variable assessment and treatment protocols result in uncertainty among clinicians. The proposed clinical guideline may assist in determining clinical management for patients with AVPD.